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3 Electrician Programs: An Up Close Look at What to Expect

It can be difficult selecting the right training program. They all promise to be the best so you have to know what to look for. The first area you need to look at are reviews. What do the program graduates have to say? This is the most important feedback. In this article we take a a deeper look at three specific schools so you can get an idea of what the best program features are.

Central Florida Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Program

At Central Florida Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Program, students combine hands on training with classroom learning. Since there are so many areas in the electrician field, apprenticeships are offered in six different categories: Inside Wireman, VDV Installer, Maintenance Electrician, Residential Wireman, Construction Wireman, and Construction Electrician.

Let’s take a look at what the program offers for someone interested in becoming a construction electrician. After filling out an application, the process to becoming a construction electrician begins with two examinations. The first is a written proficiency examination and the second is an evaluation of your hands-on performance. This will give the school a benchmark of your previous knowledge, so they look at what you already know and what information you are lacking. After that, you will sign up for classes like Technical Math, Conduit Fabrication, Codes and Practices, and Blueprint Reading. Your scores and performance will then be evaluated. From there, you will engage in 8,000 hours of hands-on training. When that is complete, you are now ready for your first real job.

Rhode Island Construction Training Academy

This northeastern program’s curriculum is approved by the State Apprenticeship Council the National Department of Labor. The program follows all the guidelines set down by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (RCCER). This program is also a combination of coursework and hands-on study. Like Central Florida Electrical, there are many different categories you can become involved in. There is however a general electrical track.

This track has four levels. Electrical Level One is an an orientation into the trade. In this level you would learn about the National Electrical Code, device boxes, basic electrical construction drawings, and conductors and cables. Electrical Level Two is on alternating currents and motors. In this level you learn about conduit bending, electrical lighting, and conductor terminations and splices. Electrical Level Three concentrates on over-current protection, motor calculations, and transformers. Finally, Electrical Level Four instructs the apprentice in emergency systems, motor operation, special locations, and even HVAC controls. You choose which track you would like to pursue, depending on how much you want to learn and how much training you are willing to receive.

Coyne College

Coyne College is a vocational school for electricians located in Chicago. They offer both a diploma program and an associate’s degree in Electrical Systems and Maintenance. The diploma program provides the student with hands-on training in residential and industrial wiring systems, power systems analysis, and trouble-shooting. In just ten months you will learn all about programmable controllers, electrical theory, residential construction, three-phase systems, and electronic principles.

The associate’s degree in Electrical Systems and Maintenance takes your education even further with courses offered in communication systems, fire-life safety, public speaking, technical mathematics, professional ethics, and even sociology. The benefits of the associate’s degree compared to the other programs discussed already is that it provides you with a more well-rounded and higher level of education than a regular electrician program would. If a person has an associate’s degree than it’s likely that their level of education will make them stand out when the time comes to be promoted to supervisor. The associate’s degree takes sixteen and a half months to complete- not a long time at all to jump-start your future. Coyne College is a great choice for those in the Chicago area.

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