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Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Electrician

Being a qualified electrician is tough but rewarding work. Because of this, there are several personality traits a person must have in order to do the job right.

Be Active: This is not a job for someone who likes to sit in a chair all day and stare at a computer screen. Electricians are up and moving. They go to many different locations in a day. Electricians may work 40+ hour weeks. Every day brings something new to trouble shoot, a new light fixture to install, and a new electrical system to combat. An electrician must be in good shape and thrive on variety, because that is what the job entails.

Be Able to Work Alone: Many times an electrician will be given a tough job that requires many long hours of  independent work. They must be able to trust themselves with making sound decisions and be able to concentrate for long periods of time without distraction.

Teamwork: When working on a large site, it’s important that an electrician be able to share ideas in order to come up with the best plan possible for the project. It’s common that during the day, an electrician will have to discuss plans with a large maintenance or installation group.

Detail Oriented: It’s important that electricians avoid mistakes. The smallest slip could take down an entire wiring system. Even more important, a mistake could shock and injure the electrician.

Be Cautious and Alert: An electrician must always know what is going on around him and pay close attention to everything he does. He must take precautions to avoid injury. Also, if any mistakes are made when installing the electrical system, it’s likely that a person working or living in that environment may end up badly hurt.

Reliable: An electrician must be reliable because there are many times when they will be called in for an emergency. If someone’s power goes out or a wire is down in a building then a quick reaction time is needed.

Responsible: It’s important that an electrician be responsible and pay close attention to the National Electrical Code as well as local and state electrical codes. If violations are made, the electrician is not only breaking the law, but also putting his customers in danger.

Work Well Under Stress: As stated before it’s not uncommon for a licensed electrician to work 40+ hours a week. Someone training to be an electrician must be sure that they can work long and intense hours. Also, many customers can be annoying and demanding and when a person is working hard, these annoyances may be hard to deal with. It’s important that an electrician be able to handle stress. Handling physical stress is a must, as an electrician often carries heavy equipment and may sometimes have to work in awkward positions.

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