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How You Can Earn a Great Living as an Electrician

It seems that in today’s world, it’s impossible not to make a good living as an electrician. New technologies are coming out everyday. These new technologies will have to be installed and maintained. Also, whether we are in a recession or living in abundance, electrical work is needed. When times are hard like they are today, people are holding on to old electrical systems. That means maintenance electricians are getting a lot of work– trouble shooting, fixing, and replacing. And when times change for the better, installation electricians will be happy because a good economy means new buildings and homes, and new buildings and homes need wiring systems.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the electrician field is expected to grow at a rate of 12% between the years of 2008 and 2018, thus creating 83,000 more jobs. That’s a lot of opportunity in the world of electricians. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics also claims the median salary of an electrician to be $22.32 an hour with the top 10% making as much as $38.18 an hour. If you want to do really well, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics advises work in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. These workers make an average of $28.15 an hour. also assesses the average salaries for electricians working in different areas of the field. An electrician helper makes the lowest amount at $29,000 a year, while power plant electricians make $79,000 a year. Helicopter electricians, maintenance electricians, and master electricians also do quite well on the scales averaging between the high $40,000s to the $60,000s. No matter what area of the field an electrician chooses to work in, he will be sure to make a great living.

To land a good electrician job, it’s important that the person be well trained and educated. Many trade/vocational schools with commendable electrician programs are available throughout the United States. Some of these schools offer diplomas and some offer associate’s degrees. There are also apprenticeships available. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in collaboration with the National Electrical Contractors Association, the Associated Builders and Contractors in collaboration with the Independent Electrical Contractors Association, and independent contractors all offer apprenticeship programs where you receive classroom instruction as well as three to five years of paid on-the-job training. Both trade schools and apprenticeships are great ways to get the education and training you need to land a steady job as an electrician.

No matter which way you look at it, making a great living as an electrician is not only possible, but probable. Education and training can be completed in as little as ten months. If you wish to get more experience, you can have up to five years of paid training! Once out of school, whatever area of the field you pick to work in, whether you prefer installation or maintenance, a good job with a good salary is waiting for you. There has never been a better time to get the training to be an electrician.

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