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Electricians Facing Bright Future

There are many reasons to get into the electrical trade. Whether you’re in high school and thinking about your future career, or if you’re an adult and thinking about a career change- there are plenty of high-paying electrician jobs available. This is a rewarding career that give you options.


Electricians work with such variety that it’s almost impossible to become bored with the job. For starters there are two areas of the electrician field: construction and maintenance. Construction electricians install wiring systems into new buildings. Maintenance electricians fix, upgrade, and inspect older wiring systems. Some electricians practice in both of these areas which is a great way switch it up and stay happy and excited in the work place. Not only that, but every day adds new obstacles to overcome. There is always a new place to inspect, a new problem to fix, and a new system to install. There will always be a different adventure.

Work With Hands And Inspire The Mind

Electricians do not have to deal with a dull office life. It’s not their job to sit in an office and stare off into space all day. Electricians are active, in both mind and body. For starters, they must study blueprints and determine where circuits and panel boards will go. They also must keep their electrician education and training sharp by staying up to date with the National Electrical Code and regional electrical codes. When an electrician is not studying blueprints or codes, he may be wielding such tools as conduit benders, hacksaws, knives, voltmeters, and drills. Being an electrician allows you to work you mind and your body while staying sharp and inspired.

Get Paid As You Learn

One wonderful aspect of starting a career as an electrician is that you can get paid as you learn! Many apprenticeships are offered for aspiring electricians. An apprenticeship combines classroom studies (about 144 hours worth) with paid on-the-job training (about 2,000 hours worth). That’s 2,000 hours of work experience you are being paid for! Even better, if the person training you really believe in you, then what’s stopping them from handing you a job once you get your license?

A 12% Increase In Employment

It’s projected by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics that between the years 2008 and 2018, there will be a 12% increase in employment of electricians. That a jump from 694,900 jobs to 777,900! With 83,000 more jobs available, it would be hard not to find yourself a steady paying income. The population keeps growing and that population will need new homes, new schools, new factories, and new businesses, all of which will need wiring systems installed. With population growth comes growth in the electrician field.

Ride the Wave of the Future

Becoming an electrician is a safe career to get into because new technologies will always need to be installed and will require regular maintenance. This is especially true in the 21st century. It seems that every day a new electrical device is introduced into our lives. These machines may be putting people in other fields out of business, but new technology actually works wonders for the electricians. New technology means new breakdowns. As technology skyrockets, so does the career of the electrician.

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