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Duties and Responsibilities of an Electrician

The job of an electrician is a tough one. Electricians with required qualifications have to be extremely knowledgeable about their work and incredibly alert, because one slip up could leave many people harmed. Below you will find seven duties and responsibilities of electricians with full descriptions of each one.

Set Up and Blueprint Reading

In order to become an electrician should be able to discuss the scope of the electrical operation with the person who has contracted them. Once the electrician receives a work order, they should be able to plan the layout and wiring of the work themselves or else be able to decipher the plans or drawings that are provided to them. It is very important that the electrician knows how to study blueprints as these will tell the electrician where all of the electrical components in the structure are located. Once they are armed with this information, the electrician should be able to give a rough estimate of how much time and money the project will probably take for completion, as well as what materials may be needed.


After the plans have been looked over, the actual installation of the electrical wiring system or components can take place. Things like circuit boards, fuse boxes, and breaker boxes will need to be installed. The electrician will also have to find the optimal spot for outlets to be placed. Wiring will have to be installed so it runs through the circuit boards, boxes, and outlets, in the safest way possible.

Testing your Work

When the installation is finished, it is not complete unless the electrician tests his work first. It is too dangerous to leave such things unchecked, as someone could get seriously injured. For instance if a new outlet was put into a wall, the electrician should check that outlet before he/she leaves, because if it is faulty, than that customer may end up with a hand full of sparks. When the work is done, it is also important that the electrician check once again to make sure the installation does indeed fit the plans and restrictions.  If the electrician is on a large construction site, it may also be necessary that the electrician check related installations completed by other contractors.


The repairs of electrical systems and components can vary greatly. Electricians work with fire alarms, programmable lighting, regular lighting, motors, transformers, electronic access systems, electrical lines, high voltage systems, fuses, circuits, wiring, breakers, generators, appliances, and many other electrical components. Electricians must know how all of these things work so that they can fix any electrical system or component that breaks or malfunctions. Troubleshooting is a main aspect of the electricians job description.

Maintenance and Efficiency Tests

A big issue in today’s environmentally conscious world is energy efficiency. Energy efficiency does wonders for the pocketbook as well as the environment. Because of this, efficiency checks are conducted in order to test the effectiveness and safety of a particular system or appliance. In order to do this, electricians must be familiar with specific testing tools and techniques to be able to spot any undesirable tendencies the system might have. Testing can lead to strange and sometimes scary places, like a leaky basement or the top of a large pole.

Keep it Clean

Electricians use a variety of tools such as conduit benders, knives, hacksaws, voltmeters, and ammeters. At the end of each job, whether that job consisted of installation, maintenance, or repair, a good electrician will clean his/her tools and keep them in perfect working condition so they may be able to use them again and again. Taking pride in your tools is taking pride in your work.

Safety Codes

Probably the most important job of the electrician is to make sure everyone stays safe. To do this it is imperative that the electrician know the National Electrical Code (NEC) as well as any other state or local electrical codes. Compliance with these codes will make sure that the electrician and their clients stay safe.

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