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An Average Day for an Electrician

In order to give you an idea of what an electrician’s typical day looks like, some distinctions must be made. Though there are electricians who have attended trade school that work both installation and maintenance, usually an electrician will choose to specialize in one or the other. Because of this, this article will outline a day in the life of an installation electrician and a maintenance electrician.

Installation Electricians

Installation electricians usually start their days off early. Most likely an installation electrician will wake up and drive down to a construction site. The construction of a building is usually about halfway done when the electrician is called in to install the wiring. First, the electrician must review the blueprints and see where circuit boards and outlets will go. They must also make sure that the blueprints do not violate the National Electrical Code and also that the blueprints stay within the regional electrical codes.

When all the information has been assessed from the blueprints, the electrician goes to work installing wires into the building’s foundation using tools such as conduit benders, hacksaws, wire strippers, and drills. After the installation, the electrician should test wires and sockets to make sure it’s all running smoothly. He should then review all he has done with the construction site supervisor before packing up his tools to start another day. Sometimes a few of these steps can be done in one day, but usually it takes several days to install wiring into a building.

It’s also common that an installation electrician will not work on a construction site, but instead visit a homeowner who wishes to install new lighting or a factory that wishes to tear out all existing electrical wiring and start from the ground up. This type of job starts with the electrician scouting the site, supplying the customer with an estimate, and then following the same steps they would have on a construction site. You just never know where the week will take you when you’re an installation electrician.

Maintenance Electricians

A maintenance electrician’s day is filled with surprises. He will probably start off with a few appointments. Usually these appointments will have time windows in case an emergency call comes in. First, the electrician might visit a business to check up on electronic equipment to prevent breakdowns. When that is done, a call might come in from a customer who is frantic because the power went out. The electrician will make time and help this customer. When she is up and running again, the electrician might go on to another home to check on a sparking outlet. Throughout the day, the maintenance electrician will likely replace items such as circuit breakers and fuses. By evening time, the maintenance electrician will have visited a lot of places.

Some maintenance electricians are employed solely by factories. In this case, they will spend most of their day in the factory instead of driving around to different locations. These maintenance electricians must have a high level of knowledge in order to deal with complicated machines, motors, and even robots. It’s always a different day when you have the life of a maintenance electrician. Even if you are just working as an electrician’s apprentice.

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